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Apr. 23rd, 2007


    Today, the bus was really crowded and when i was standing, i smelled something....something bad. somebody had let out gas XD some girls were sitting down and they told their friends on the other side of the bus 'did wut-ever-her-name-is let out gas again?' XD XD she replied ' no i didnt. i think it was wut-ever-his-name-was let it out.' then the girl started spraying perfume cuz it really stunk XD it reminded me of this kid in my class. him and this other kid let out gas all the time.lol. even our science teacher accuses them when she smells something funny.lmao. 
    My borther lets out gas all the time. he even says it when he's gonna fart. and OMG it stinks like HELL!!!!! everyone has to evacuate the room even if he just let out a little. sometimes its silent but deadly and other times its loud and even more disgusting >.< he is so weird o.0 well, wut do u expect? he's a guy after all XD and its not even funny when he lets out gas cuz simetimes it smells like food and i dont EVER want to eat that food again. eeeew.


Apr. 19th, 2007

New Dramas

   Yatta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proposal Dasuken and Bambino came out. finally i'll be able to see my sweet pi and my hawt husband jun XD im gonna go on an italian food raid after i watch Bambino. jun looks so damn hot. has he ever not looked hot? i love his hair, his body, the way he talks and his personality. he can act like a baka at times but its so kawaiiiiiiiiiiii. and he looks hot when he is mad XD he looks even more sexier. i love his hairstyle in Bambino. it's kinda like domyoji's hair, but a little less curly (which i like).
   Pi looks great in Proposal Dasuken. he looks like a dork and a hottie at the same time. i never knew that was possible. i love his hair color ,its kinda brownish blondish...NOBUTA WO PRODUCE XD  that's the first thing i thought of when i saw the pic. he looks so kawaiiiiiiiii. i gotta download it soon. it's been so long since i saw pi in a drama, except in Byakkotai. well, Byakkotai is more like a movie than a drama.  which reminds me, i gotta start watching it >_> im only watch it cuz pi's in it. otherwise... hell no. i dont normally watch a documentary and if he wasnt in it, i would never watch it.  it would be so boring.lol.i think that's why they chose pi cuz he's very famous and people would watch it if there was a hot guy in it.lmao.

Apr. 17th, 2007

Hana Yori Dango

   Hana Yori Dango 2 just finished :( im so sad. i wont be able to see my jun again. im gonna miss domyoji and his bakaness. *sigh* and especally the F4. they r all really hot. i loved Rui Hanazawa. Oguri shun is such a great actor. Jun and Shun make such a good team. first they did gokusen together and they played best friends. then they did Hana Yori dango together and they also played best friends. And get this, they r best friends in real life XD When i heard that jun wasnt gonna play Domyoji if they didnt give the role as Rui to shun, i was so touched. they have been friends since the Gokusen days. i want to see them in another drama together in the future. if they do, it will get high ratings cuz everyone knows they make such a great team and they both can act. 
   It would be perfect if shun was in Johnny's Entertainment. He would be even more popular than he already is. he would fit in perfectly with Arashi. A lot of people i know say he should be in NEWS but i think NEWS is a little too young for him. Plus, Arashi fits his style perfectly. They are all around the same age as him, shun has been in a drama with both nino and jun-both Arashi members ( Stand Up!, Hana Yori Dango 1and 2, and Gokusen), they even wear the same shoes as him XD (the long suit shoes he wears). Damnit, does anyone know if he can sing? but alas, he is not in Johnny's Entertainment. Johnny should really recruit him. he'd be making more money. 
   I love the pairing of jun and mao. they make such a cute couple. that is the only girl that i would like to see jun going out with XD but unfortunately for us fans, she is 16 and he is 23 XD but when she turns 18, she should definitely go out with him. by then, he will only be 25. not that of a big age difference.

Apr. 9th, 2007

(no subject)

Happy birthday Yamapi! your turning 22 years old. forget about japan... come to new york! we'll take good care of u, u kno, the three sisters XD *sigh* i wish i was there with him to celebrate his b-day. anyway, lets go on a Yamapi pic spam! Yay!

Mar. 27th, 2007

High School Results

Today, i got my high school results ^-^ i'm very happy i got accepted to the Humanities Program in Midwood. However, not all my friends are going to midwood :(
Koren:Secondary School for Law (wtf?!)
Madina:Murrow (NOO!!)
Yuliya:Madison (Art School XD)
Michelle:Carson (O.o never heard of it, she said it was a new skool)
Samantha: Carson (NOT U TOO!!)
At least some of my friends are going to Midwood too. Like Fedline,Lena,Natalie, Christine,and Bianca. I can't wait to go to high school but i know when i enter it, i will want to leave as soon as possible.lol.
Today, Maddie(madina) said i am the female version of Wilson Tang O.o she said i act like him ( i get gud grades and i'm always the quiet one) and she said i even have the glasses >_< Well, that was a surprise.
i cant wait for April!!!!! Everything gud in April is happening. First matsumoto jun's new drama, Bambino, and then yamapi's new drama, Proposal Daisuke. Arashi's, Kat-tun's,T&T's(Tackey&Tsubasa), and Kanjani8's new CD's and singles are coming out. yattaaaaaaaa!!!! i cant wait.
But damn it, i have all these exams this week. i gotta pass this week with gud grades and then i will be truly happy. that reminds me, i gotta write back to my penpal. havent written to her in a week. hope she doesnt get mad at me >_< i was late on the last reply too. well, gotta get off the computer and finish my hw (yes, i still have hw and its 11 pm here >_< )Ja ne!

Feb. 23rd, 2007

Kame's Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAME!!!! You turn 21 today!!! You can finally drink, eh? I'll invite you over for a drink sometime. i hope he keeps working hard and he pleases his fans.^-^ Wish i could be there with Kame to celebrate his b-day.
pics of kame to celebrate!

-for this pic,credit goes to AzNightDreams on d-addicts

wow,those are a lot,ne?

Feb. 21st, 2007


omg, i just listened to Arashi's new single, Love So Sweet, and right now, im in love with Arashi. i always loved them before, but i was into NEWS right now. listening to their new song has made me loved them even more! i watched their dance on the MS. Yamapi got up and started clapping even before the song ended. i love both the groups new haircuts. im falling in love with Sho from Arashi. i love his new haircut. it reminds me of matsujun for some strange reason.probably because matsujun ahd a haircut like tht before.*faints*

Feb. 15th, 2007

Kusano's Birthday

Happy Birthday Kusano!!!!!! May u graduate from the position of trainee soon and be bac with NEWS. WE miss u!!! why did they have to put u bac as a trainee??!?! why?!?!?!*sniff* well, i'll be waiting for u when u do return.^-^ To lighten up the mood (it is his birthday), i'll post pictures of Kusano.Enjoy^-^

Feb. 14th, 2007

Valentines Day

i got these pics from d-addicts. i dont take any credit for these pics.Credit goes to theresalynne and darkjade21 on d-addicts.oh and Happy late Valentines Day! i wasn't able to go on the computer tht week. i had so much to do. well, anyway enjoy the pics!

Jan. 17th, 2007


i just saw Sayaendou by NEWS and omg! they r all so freakin' hot! massu has muscles!!! The cartoon video is sooo adorable!! they r all dressed as pirates and massu has a chicken leg on his hat!lol. and koyama's eyes are like -_-. y r they making fun of koyama??!?! he is soo freakin' adorable!!! here's the link for those who want to see it: